January 22, 2018

The Year before Being the Black Hole


The Year before Being the Black Hole

by Shahinur Islam

The year before being the black hole,

before burning for the last time

the star Arcturus sought the last refuge

in some heart of the female lovers on earth

in entire reliance.

That unrequited love still moves round the universe

in the utterance of dissatisfaction.

Since then all the hearts of the earth

have still been seeking refuge in other hearts

with the company of dissatisfaction forever.

That sense, that wailing build a nest

in all hearty emotions anonymously.

Then so many ages have gone by

under the rule of the anonymous insect.

Many years later Aryabhatta first named it ‘0’

which still lies asleep in our hearts.

And whenever it gets a scope,

it just leaps and bounds in season and out of season

like some newly-born cub of a ferocious animal,

and burns and gnaws at our torn, timid hearts

in the cremation ground of nightmares.

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