January 23, 2018

US International Short Story Competition

entry closes April 30, 2017

US International Short Story Competition

Writers across the world are invited to enter their short story competition.

Below is what their website has said in detail:

Enter anytime before midnight on 30th April and get a free mini critique on your submission.

We will proofread the entire submission and our editors will make suggestions on how it can be improved.

The entry fee is payable in US Dollars, but PayPal will automatically convert to your own currency.

The entry fee is only $15.00
Sterling £11.70  Euro €13.98 (Approximate amounts April 2017)

Each additional entry will cost $7.50
Sterling £5.85  Euro €6.99 (Approximate amounts April 2017)

If you represent a writers’ group and have five or more entries, simply tell us the total number required below and we will organise a more convenient method of payment.

To enter and know more about the contest, you can visit their website: