January 22, 2018

Upper Canada Village


Upper Canada Village

by Shahinur Islam

Upper Canada Village, around one-hour-drive from Ottawa, is a heritage park that delineates the 19th century village life of English Canadians living in Upper Canada (current Ontario).

The site features over 40 historical buildings, incorporating some mills such as woolen mill, gist-mill, and sawmills, and trade buildings such as blacksmith, tinsmith, cabinetmaker, cooper, bakery, cheese-maker, etc.

The remarkable feature that distinguishes the site from others is live demonstration of what it includes.  Farming, harvesting of heritage vegetables and livestock, domestic arts, social life, music, religion, and politics are demonstrated by people dressed in 19th century clothing.

Of all the heritage buildings, Asselstine factory shows how people transformed raw wool into yarn and blankets; Bellamy’s Mills demonstrates how the bakers made bread in a large brick oven from flour ground; Beach’s Sawmill displays how people largely relying on wood for shelter, harnessed water to cut lumber in a muley saw; Bellamy’s Flour Mill shows how a water turbine or steam engine ground flour to feed the community; blacksmith, broom-maker, cabinetmaker, and Christ Church, Cook’s Tavern, Crysler Hall, Crysler store, dressmaker, Engine House, Family Activity Centre, Gazette Printing Office, Loucks Farm, Pastor House, Physician’s House, School House, Shoemaker, Tinsmith’s Shop, Cheese Factory, etc. demonstrate  their respective activity.

Things To Do:

  • Milk the cows
  • Milk the cows at  Loucks Farm and visit the farm where a large number of buildings including barns, a hired man’s house, and animal pens are worth seeing.
  • Ride the miniature train
  • Ride for 15 minutes in a miniature train, a scaled replica of an 1860s locomotive. Check the price here.
  • Gingerbeer at the tavern
  • Learn cabinet making
  • Tour the village in costume
  • Take a wagon ride
  • Visit the photography studio
  • Walk a calf
  • Watch knight’s joust
  • Visit the village store
  • Visit the Family Activity Centre for all kinds of 1860s-style fun: writing with a quill pen, weaving wool, sewing pin cushions, drawing on slate boards, putting on a puppet show, knowing the fun way about the dos and don’ts of fashion in 19th century, playing with skittles or crokinole.
  • Spend the night at Montgomery House, Guest House, or nearby accommodations

Watch the Video below:


For tickets and more, please visit: https://www.uppercanadavillage.com

Sources: https://www.uppercanadavillage.com


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