January 22, 2018

Tui Fele Eshechhis Kaare


Tui Fele Eshechhis Kaare

Listen to the instrumental music on flute. The tune is reminiscent of the days gone by, or more specifically the prenatal period, which is lost forever, so the mind laments over it in tune.

The tune is mystical in nature; it tries to remind us of the life we left behind, of the life we will never regain. That we suffer a lot, and are not at peace at all is the cause of our lost life.

Perhaps the song theme goes well with what William Wordsworth refers to as “visionary gleam” and “shadowy recollections”. After we were born, we lost those gleams and recollections, and adopted to the foster mother named Nature.

The tune also attempts to set off our sufferings, which we have brought to our life by forgetting the paths we came along. When the mind realizes it, it tries to go back.  And in so doing, the mind involves itself in doing various activities. For example, it pricks its ears on the river water if any time it may hear the lost sound, but it trembles when it hears only the rustles of the fallen leaves, not the sweet and heavenly sound.

It sometimes seems that the mind will get back what it lost if it understands the language of blooming flowers and the path that leads to the evening star, if it can internalize what the birds chirp, if it can follow the message that the twilight sky colours convey, if it can empathize with distressed humanity.

This way the mind thinks this and that, does this and that, and gropes now and then just in order to find peace and happiness. That is our eternal quest. This mood is set and played in the tune of the flute.

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