January 22, 2018

Those who have only clung around the craze


Those who have only clung around the craze

by Shahinur Islam

Those who have only clung around the craze,

dressed smartly in the fashionable clothes

but afforded not a single moment

to see with their own eyes pains of the age,

have perhaps got the things in profusion

but could not enjoy the endless at all.

So their soulless life lives like the jiol post.

Communion with the endless doesn’t stir them.

With the peel-deep happiness and pleasure

of the unclothed civilization

they have only been enchanted lifelong—

those who are peel-vorous, pleasure-thirsty.

But the peel envelops only the seed

of the real and enraptured happiness.

The pith of civilization doesn’t lie

outside; it lies in the meditation,

in farming the deep field of life and world.

So those who have had a taste of the pith

have the only right to rule for ages

those who have suffered from fads and crazes

and have been affected with delirium.

Yet the delirious are lords in fashion

toeing the line and ruling pith-eaters.

The peel rules the world; the pith does not rule.

And so its broad breast is not embraced yet

by the so far absconding happiness.

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