January 23, 2018

Photos: Summer-1



by Shahinur Islam

Summer means disappearance of snow and ice, and more joy and fun with warm or hot weather. Summer is a perfect time of thrilling outdoor activities, festivals, and events. Vibrant nightlife is also an integral part of it. There are so many ways to celebrate the beautiful summer season!

In summer, the days are longer than nights, and hotter than other time in the year. This time thunderstorm runs from spring through summer, which can generate hail, strong winds and tornadoes as well after afternoon and evening.

People, however, enjoy the warmer temperatures by spending more time behind outdoor activities during the season. They  travel to the beach, go to the parks for picnics, play football, basketball, volleyball, skateboard, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and much more.

People also get involved in water games such as water skiing, wake boarding, swimming, surfing, tubing, etc.

But people do all of them. What about nature? Nature assumes its own beautiful form with full blooming flowers, green leaves, free movement of birds and animals. Here are some photos of beautiful mother nature. Take your time and enjoy!



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