January 23, 2018

Some Poems from Tears of the Sun

Some Poems from Tears of the Sun

by Shahinur Islam

My Pain is Not in My sorrow

My pain is not in my sorrow!

Sorrow? She’s the prolonged shadow

Of my happiness that with her

Lives if its light is set ablaze.

I feel pain when I’ve to bury

My own life, and live other’s life;

When I’ve to borrow other heart

And go on loving ceaselessly.

When my known mynah keeps looking

At me as that scarecrow oft does.

When my heart is served as the food

For foxes, dogs and cobra snakes.

I feel pain at that very hour;

I do feel pain in nothing else.

Mending and Rending

The tears that down your cheeks roll

And the smiles that spring from your soul,

Strike me with the same stroke.

But the former rend me as an arrow pierced,

And the latter mend me as a babui bird.

Our Life is Not So Long

Our life is not so long as to right wrongs

Of everything; so many wrongs are there

Left to pierce us as needles in our life.

Right or wrong – that remains still mystified

Like death or life, as if it’s ever pierced

With arrows of philoshopical thoughts.

Yet what we know as wrong –whatever we know

In the light of our wisdom we do not long

To spend time or to forgo our pleasure

So as to make all the wrongs corrected.

All our time is spent on the does of dreams,

Where is the time to correct all our wrongs?

So such a hope of ours too is decayed

As we will get everything in a life.

All lives will be blessed with the thing alike;

That will also never, ever come true.

Truth versus Falsehood

Falsehood we love more

As it colours us,

And lulls us to sleep

Beyond  the thorny world.

And truth we hate more

As it often stings us,

And shows our real face.

We just build and live in

The palace of falsehood,

But always feign to love truth.

Yet All Deaths are Not Equal

Our soul bursts with the death of elephants,

But laughs heartily about that of ants.

Though they do feel the same pang in their deaths,

As equal we do not perceive all deaths.

The former tear the air with their loud cry,

And crying their heart out the latter die

In the very death bed of their own rooms.

The mere gulf between the two in bulk booms,

Although out of death the pang alike plumes.