January 22, 2018

Poem: Waiting



–Shahinur Islam

As the earth moves round the sun all day long

and at last goes for an assignation

holding the outstretched hand of the twilight,

and finds out that her heart is still beating;

as she is impatient over again

in the night to meet the dawn stealthily

before all the lives of the world wake up,

so we are passionate and impatient

all of the days and nights of our whole life

only to embrace the darkness in light

and the light in darkness in the desire

like gravity force of the universe.

If that desire is abruptly eclipsed,

all the hopes are covered with deep dark clouds,

we acquiesce in pangs of that eclipse

tucking our soul into the sludge of life

with patience of the busy pond-heron.

We’ll meet again at the end of darkness

that splits open out of the breast of dawn.

Then we’ll only talk in a long silence

when the Jamuna of our halting words

that are suspended so far in our life,

merely merges into the estuary;

and then all the currents of our feelings

will do build up a foam-covered ocean

where we can spend at least some of our time

swimming and diving, jumping and plunging

in watery happiness— we’ll divest

of airy, acrid touch and land-grown pain.

Like the earth, we still move about and wait.

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