January 23, 2018

Poem: Opium Addict


Opium Addict

–Shahinur Islam

Our ancestors who took opium

given by others, and gave up

their own narcotics for the sake

of existence or mirage-greed

that made them trade over again,

look back only and feel the light

of moving as will o’ the wisp;

and that drunkenness still makes you

move against from top to bottom

and makes itself a scale for you

to gauge all men in your values

that are born-blind, primal and false.

You still look for medication

for all troubles in that opium,

and we living in the margin

are thrown away then to the edge—

farthest— sometimes to the dustbin.

That time is perhaps yet to come

for people living on the edge

when all the power of the centre

budges to the fists of their hands,

when they can live in their own time.

So the plowing of the good time

this time is made in the hard times

and the fertile land is just proved

to be infertile, sterile one.

Yet you don’t want to accept it—

the seeds with insects never yield

the bumper crops; but in the soil

of gold-yielding alluvial plains

you’re still sowing the opium seeds.

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