January 23, 2018

Nonfiction: What is Soul?


What is Soul?

by Shahinur Islam

Soul is not a being; it is a vibrating and dynamic state resulting from harmonious combination of different elements of our body. To put it precisely, soul is nothing but harmony. It’s not a part of our body; rather, it becomes a resultant part.

In that sense, fragrance is the soul of flowers when they have different parts functioning harmoniously in a favorable atmosphere; sound is the soul of articulators; and color is the soul of light.

Where does fire reside then? Nowhere but it is seen, for example, if a matchbox rubs with a match harmoniously. Here harmony or soul is noticed as a form of fire.

Power, another form of soul, is found in wind and water from which it can be produced if they can be utilized harmoniously. When water flows from upwards to downward, or when wind blows from one direction to another, soul works.

But power can be static too, so it can be dynamic when it is harmonious. Without harmony, power is static. In that sense, animism goes well which believes that everything around us has a soul.

Not all souls are good. Some souls are good; some are better; and some better than the better. For example, when articulators produce sound, it obviously has a soul because of its harmonious function. But some sounds are always better than others as the way the good singers sing or the good speakers speak. When it has a good soul, it appeals to the other souls.

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