January 22, 2018

Max Ritvo Poetry Prize

Entry closes on august 31, 2017

Max Ritvo Poetry Prize

Milkweed Editions, an independent, nonprofit literary press, is seeking poetry for the Max Ritvo Poetry Prize worth $10,000 and publication by Milkweed Editions.

Submissions Open: July 1–August 31, 2017

Entry fee: $25
Winner Announced: December 1, 2017
Publication: April, 2018

The following guidelines are provided in their website:

  • Poets may submit one complete, book-length collection, defined as a manuscript of forty-eight or more pages. Poems may have been previously published in periodicals, chapbooks, or anthologies, but the poet must not have published, nor committed to publish, a book-length collection of poems. Manuscripts must be of original work by a single poet; translations are not eligible.
  • The submitting poet must reside in the United States. Please note: By law, Milkweed Editions must report cash prizes awarded to individuals to the Internal Revenue Service. Individuals in possession of a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) will receive a 1099. If the individual does not have a SSN or ITIN, they will receive a 1042 and could be subject to a withholding of a percentage of the cash prize.
  • Only online submissions via Submittable will be considered. There is an entry fee of $25.*
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but poets must notify Milkweed Editions immediately by withdrawing their manuscript via Submittable if it is accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Submissions will be reviewed anonymously; the winner will be chosen from finalists selected by named first readers. Manuscript formatting: No identifying information may appear on the pages of the manuscript. If the author’s name appears within the body of the text, please omit it, black it out, or use a pseudonym (this may be changed if the manuscript is selected for publication). Please include a title page (with the author’s name omitted) and a table of contents. Pages must be numbered. No manuscript revisions can be considered during the course of the contest, but the winning poet will have an opportunity to make revisions prior to publication.

To read more about the contest, please visit: https://milkweed.org/max-ritvo-poetry-prize


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