January 23, 2018

Jekhane Simanto Tomar


Jekhane Simanto Tomar

Listen to and watch how the perennial kans grass, growing up to three meters high, is responding to the tune by swaying.

The tune has been picturized mainly in a kans grass field that seem to be dancing paintings of white colour. The grasses sway in the wind so much that it appears to be dancing to the rhythmic tune. This scene is most likely to drive you crazy; you will hanker after touching the white with your hands.

However, it happens only when you find the song sweet.  As we know, melodious songs never go unheard; they are played many times and last for ages, too. As people come back home with the hope of some comfort and peace, these types of songs offer it; that is the reason people repeatedly listen to them.

These songs are songs of darkness, of evening, of twilight, or when you are all alone. If you listen to them again and again, your desire to listen to them still remains.

The lyrics of the song roughly go like this:

Where there is your border, there is my spring, so I come back again and again and call you with love in my heart. I know the address of the path where flowers are spread out. I also understand the silent language of your heart. But I do not want your shyness, why not break the walls of glass? Just break the tie of border, O love, and come to me.

As I know the pains of the open path during the period of storm, I long to give it a hope with the tide of new light. Do you not crave for the beckoning of golden happiness in the golden time? O love, please come to this flower by forgetting the pains of thorns.

Why delay then? Enjoy!

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