February 23, 2018

Gloom in Glee


Gloom in Glee

by Shahinur Islam

What a feeling this night awakes!

The hostile sun’s taken leave for a few hours,

the sky is busy with the needle works of light,

the stars and the planets are telling tales of their mutual glories,

and in the exposed form of the universe

where I’m wrapped up in one-track mind,

there lies a window like a telescope.

As if it were a tele-flute

devoted to enthralling me

with all the symphonies of the night.

In such a sweet moment

wind, too, crawls up like breathing of leaves

and holds the grille of the window

in the name of love

so as to caress me.

There isn’t only you to share this glee with!

Copyright © 2018 by the poet

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