January 22, 2018

In the Glamorous Infatuation with the Estuary


In the Glamorous Infatuation with the Estuary

by Shahinur Islam

O dear! Let the savings made so far for love

not go in vain by any means this time.

I agree to invest all my capital;

so let not this time go in vain.

Let all my lifespan be over for the moment

if it is over anyhow.

Yet let not such time go in vain, my dear!

I also agree to lose to your love.

Let one say whatever they want to in the name of love.

I just know

that love means losing to the person of love

or losing to someone else for him or her.

So love in loss shines brightly,

if it doesn’t, it’s for the pride of winning.

You just know, dear,

all the elixir of life is stored in the estuary of love

flowing down and oozing from the canal of time

in the glamorous infatuation,

in the burning secrecy

across the body of time.

Let’s revel there in our diving and swimming

and regain the lost time of life with the propitious time.

It’s not the time to be as stupid as apathetic.

Why are your lips still filled up with disgust

to quench the parched thirst?

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