January 23, 2018

Five Poems from Tears of the Sun

Five Poems from Tears of the Sun

by Shahinur Islam


We never enter Eternity,

Nor do we come from,

Yet we live in Eternity;

There exists our home.

For it begins not with death;

Rather death ends a phase

That begins with our birth;

And all our life do we gaze.

The Song of the Bended Morning

Riding the back of the bended morning,

We have to go again to the death bed

Of the sprawled twilight where varied colours

Play with one another for a moment,

And then fade away in the work-black dark.

Takshoks call too in the hair-drop silence,

The rustle of leaves too becomes distinct

Like the fretfulness enveloped in smiles,

Or like a sudden flash of a lit heart

Veiled in the forced darkness of Africa.

At first hour, we’ll feel creepy in terror,

Yet to wipe the weariness heaped all day,

That terror will be evaporated.

Oh Sisyphus! We’re still dripping with sweat

On stones like you making no flowers bloom.

As if we obeyed the law of some god.

Those who are Dead

The dead are happy;

The happy are dead.

They don’t long for their new birth or rebirth

Like the breathing men, like the unhappy.

They don’t have any strong lust to shred things,

To bow their head once and hold up always.

The dead are perfect;

The perfect are dead.

Their heart is content with desire of life.

No privation, no raggedness, no draught

Touches them like the flowers bloomed at dawn;

Their soul doesn’t grow like the eroding brooks.

They never build up anything with pain

Of the thorns, with pangs of the breaking down.

In the New Light of the New Path

If light is lost in light

Around the edges of the dark,

If the path is lost in a path

With a great love for it,

You and I will meet then

At that light and that path.

We’ll see new light being kindled

At the end of the path.

With that light in our eyes,

We will travel new lands.

When It is Time

Let the delayed dawn of the lazy night

Unfasten the arm-ties of life today.

Let the desired knot be severed today.

What though there was no longer embracing

With the leaves having fallen on the ground?

The dream that is asleep in heart of seeds

Will kindle the fire being its own ruin.

You will come across ashes all alone

Upon and down which there is nothing else.

Yet there will lie buried in their own midst

The diamond in seeming calm of neglect.

When it is the exact need of our time

It must radiate glows over again.