January 22, 2018

The Engrossed Body of the Undressed Night

The Engrossed Body of the Undressed Night

 Shahinur Islam

Look at the engrossed body of the undressed night

how the gentle wind touches the ice-heart,

and how it climbs the butter-tender domes

and how two desires meet up at their peaks.

And when the granite-fragrance becomes strong,

the spoiled heart forgets its sorrowfulness

and longs to be spoiled in more fragrance.

In this state of adequate happiness

it seems to be immersed and die.

Such a death rouses another thirst

in the parched breast of the earth.

However much the two desires are met at their peaks,

the trap of god has never been known to have failed;

this ascent and descent go on

with showers of sparks life-long.

They just stop once for all

when shrouded in white dress

and numbed by powerlessness.