February 23, 2018

Aerial Photography Basics

April 3, 2017 Musitrature 0

Aerial Photography Basics Technique This page has various photographic points. These points are a set of rules, though not in context. Photography is an art, in which the rules set a framework of what tends […more]

Colour in Photography

March 27, 2017 Musitrature 0

Colour in Photography Colour has its language, too. It is one of the strongest forms of nonverbal communication for photographers. Exploring colour is like opening up new vistas of your photographic journey. Like any language, […more]

Light in Photography

March 27, 2017 Musitrature 0

 Light in Photography Greek word ‘Photo’ means ‘light’ and ‘graph’ means ‘drawing’. Light is called the language of photography. It is also the soul of photography. It speaks, suggests, guides through photographs. It suggests the […more]

The Art of Composition-II

January 1, 2017 Musitrature 0

Art of Composition-II by Shahinur Islam Theme, Emphasis, Simplicity These are three things that you need to bear in mind to compose photographs. Before that, fix your subject. Now determine the theme, put emphasis on […more]

The Art of Composition-I

December 28, 2016 Musitrature 0

The Art of Composition by Shahinur Islam Composition in art bears enormous significance. Without proper arrangement of elements, a photograph or artistic piece becomes dull and unattractive despite its harmonious colour combination. First of all, […more]

Nature Photography: Tips & Techniques

August 12, 2016 Musitrature 4

Nature Photography by Shahinur Islam Nature photography engages you more than anything.  It means staying and walking outside. The time spent for outdoor photography helps you know more and more about the natural world, too. […more]