January 23, 2018

A Cry in Wilderness


A Cry in Wilderness

by Shahinur Islam

I have sold my golden afternoons

that removed my day-long weariness.

I have sold my disheveled evenings

that cherished in their hearts my dreams,

rehearsed in the lights and clouds,

in the breeze and in the drowsy grasses lit by eve-glow

to fly as the full-fledged bird of a new morning.

I have sold them

to the termites needed for survival of life.

Still I owe life a lot.

I turn to the night to regain the melody

lost in the evenings

to regain the forfeited classical symphony

of the heart.

But the night didn’t spare me time

to play the tune.

Rejecting me, it simply said,

“The time you want is a crying need for me, too,

just like breathing of an animal or a tree.”


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